Heavenly Floral Cards has been created by a team of florists who have worked in the industry for many years from our beautiful shop in Kent, Floral Explosion.

Over this time we have been increasingly frustrated with the old fashioned message cards for funeral tributes inspiring us to design our own!
Now we have made them available for all florists in the UK and English spoken countries overseas.
About Heavenly Floral - Kent

Over the last year we have tried and tested the range of cards you see today – the selected cards have been chosen based on our customers feedback and designed to match popular colour choices for funeral flowers.

We’ve included some sentimental options too, such as pansies, lavender and ‘the garden’ look as we find our customers request these.

Our beautiful cards are available to buy on-line and soon will be stocked at floristry wholesalers across the UK.

We are always open to new ideas and customer feedback so if you don’t see a card you are always asked for, just let us know and our design team will happily try out new designs.

The large and small cards have been designed to fit the standard cello sleeves you can buy at your wholesalers.

To make your life easier we have printed on the back of each card a list of details required by funeral directors for you to fill in.

Heavenly Floral PresentationWe really hope you like the new range of message cards and agree that the cards look so much nicer on your beautiful floristry designs

Becky, Lilly

& the team

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Cake Cards!

Over lock down an industry flourished – cakes!
Afternoon teas, boxes of cup cakes, fancy macarons – all delivered to the door
Enterprising wedding cake companies adapted their designs and delivered to homes across the UK and a not so little industry blossomed
So we have designed a brand new range of cake message cards which can be used by cake companies sending out their yummy gifts
Take a look at our new Cake section on the website – and florists you may like the designs too!
Hope you like them x